Thursday, June 19, 2008

Work week update June 19th

I thought I would share some of the week's events. We are finally getting some rain so we may soon be able to start doing some prescribed burns on the refuge. Hopefully we get to some of the areas that need to burn before it gets too wet. We have been getting many afternoon thunderstorms, and with the storms we get lightning. We have been spending most mornings traveling the refuge looking for new fires that may have been started by the lightning. So far we have been lucky and no new wildfires have come of the lightning.

On another front it's only a little over a week until I head out to Seattle and the surround Pacific Northwest for the Seattle International Beer Fest I am really looking forward to the trip, and I will be taking lot's of photos and drinking many fine beers. Until then enjoy a few photos from the work week;

Butterfly orchids are in bloom

I am out looking for lightning strikes

We had a Sikorsky visit the helibase this week.

A barred owl out on the refuge


JAY & DENISE said...

Such a gorgeous bird! Did you talk to it?

Jenny & Jason said...

Love the owl!

I'm definetly loving my job, the setting of my "office" is breath taking and I'm so very thankful to be out here with J. It's also nice to have Aaron out here :)

Come visit before the snow falls!