Friday, May 30, 2008

Estates fire

For the last two days we have been assisting Goldengate FD and the state of Florida Division of Forestry on a wildfire in the Goldengate Estates. Unfortunately three houses were lost, but thankfully no one was seriously injured. I didn't get much time to play with the camera the first two days as it was pretty hectic. Here are a few photos from the previous two days and look for some more soon. Also take the time to check out the photos and story in the Naples Daily News.

Check out the fire photo gallery for more photos later

The Naples Daily News - Story


Stotter said...

Holllyy shit! Isn't that out by Mike Barry?

I'm doing a rain dance for Naples.

McAfee said...

Man, that shit is nuts.

The van picture is sick.

Jenny & Jason said...

Busy season already - be careful out there!

lackofintellect said...

Yeah it was right near Mike's house. In fact his front and back yard burned, not that hot though, thanks to our prescribed burn last year.

Man I would love to take that van, clear coat it and fix it up, I love the colors it is now.

Always careful, you and Jason enjoy the summer in CO, and be safe in your adventures, who knows I may bump in to you all out on some fire.