Monday, January 18, 2010

10 years of fire in south Florida

As I move on to a new job in Atlanta within the regional office for the US Fish and Wildlife here's a look back at 10 years of my life. The top photo was taken on a fire in November of 2000. The bottom photo was taken by David Albers who works for Naples Daily News. It's been a very educational 10 years here in Florida and I will miss the environment and the people that I got to know so well in all the years. I know I will return for visits, and make sure you look me up if your travels bring you to Atlanta.

November 2000
Photo Credit: Jen H.

February 2009
Photo Credit: David Albers

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artist shabaka said...

You're moving? Man, I haven't been looking at your blog the past few months. I do hope things work out well in ATL. My niece and a cousin or two live there. I really do love your photos so I hope you keep that going. Also, have a great 2010!